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Metri-Pack 150 8 Way 18awg, Black 1' Pigtail

Metri-Pack 150 8 Way 18awg, Black 1' Pigtail

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All black wire, ready for splicing (For specific color pinout, please email for custom quote)

All professionally prepared. Genuine machine crimping and cutting!

Pigtail Length: 1′ (ft) In length
Connector: 8 Way Metri-Pack Connector
OEM #: Aptiv, Delphi
# of Cavities: 8
Wire Colors: Black
Wire Specs: 18 awg, GXL, Cross-Link Coating, Professional Grade
Kit Includes: Connector Body, TPA Lock, Terminals & Wire Seal
Included Parts: Molex Perma-Seal Butt Connectors, 11M1-2218R

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